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  • Our new Tenet Faucet

    Apr 1

    We love our new bathroom faucet!! First let me explain why we hated our last one!! The height of it was all wrong and a really bad decision on our end!! Yes I said it and I'm not afraid to admit it was a bad decision, as designers we ...

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  • We Love our New Showroom Faucet

    Nov 8

    Why do we love the Neera!! Read more to learn details!!

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  • How to Do Your Part to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

    Jun 15

    Right now, we are all doing our best to keep the spread of COVID-19 manageable for health care systems. Doing so protects healthcare workers, our loved ones, and everyone else from a potentially devastating health system overload. However, it’s hard to know exactly what “doing our best&...

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  • Quick and Easy Tips to Declutter Daily

    Mar 15

    It is a wonderful feeling to walk into a clean, tidy home after a long day. Unfortunately, your home may not be that peaceful place of rest right now. It’s normal to feel tired and let clutter pile up, putting it off until tomorrow. But before you know ...

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  • Not your Grandma‚Äôs Wallpaper

    Mar 3

    The concept of wallpaper can be dated by to 105 B.C.E.  Since then, there have been great strides to change the style and production of wallpaper. In the 60s and 70s wallpaper was a big part of designing spaces and usually had big bold prints and colors. They ...

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