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  • We Love our New Showroom Faucet

    Nov 8

    Why do we love the Neera!! Read more to learn details!!

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  • Quick and Easy Tips to Declutter Daily

    Mar 15

    It is a wonderful feeling to walk into a clean, tidy home after a long day. Unfortunately, your home may not be that peaceful place of rest right now. It’s normal to feel tired and let clutter pile up, putting it off until tomorrow. But before you know ...

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  • Statement Rugs to the Rescue

    Feb 15

    Want to make a change in your space without picking up a tool? Try a statement rug or two! Statement rugs are a great way to change up a space without doing any cosmetic work. There are so many colors , patterns, shapes, and styles to fit anyone's needs. Statement ...

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  • Doors With Personality

    May 20

    Have you ever driven through your neighborhood and saw houses with different colored front doors? A colored front door can say a lot about the people that live in the house. Some popular colors for front doors are black, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and wood. A red front door ...

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  • The Kid Zone

    May 6

    Designing spaces for kids can be so fun! Whether a child’s bedroom or a public children’s space, there can be endless possibilities when designing a kids room. Experimenting with lots of different colors can differentiate an adult space from a kid’s space. Using bright bold hues can ...

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