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    Get That Home SOLD

    Published February 8th, 2018 by Unknown

    Real Estate staging is Hot Hot Hot!!! Staging a property allows potential buys to visually see how they can outfit furniture in the space and also entice them to fall in love with the property in hopes to make it their home!! Here are a few reasons the Remix Design team suggest staging to potentially sell a home: Looks Better on the market then other homes on the market, Spend 73% less time on the market, Typically sell for more money, Looks better on print and Internet ads, End up on the buyers must see list, Are move in ready and the buyer has an option to purchase furnishings, Have less reasons for the buyers to ask for concessions, Professionally stand out in the buyers mind.

    At Remix we love staging for our Real Estate clients and were not your typical staging company neither. We visit every potential stage site to get a feel for the home and gain some insight on the story the seller/ developer is trying to tell in the sell. We then gather our thoughts and develop a design plan that works to get the home sold and have buyers dreaming of the space well after their visit. For the 30th st stage we took a few things into consideration, 1. Location 2. Upgrades on house 3. distinctive features. We believe our staging projects should show simplicity in design but also character to make a huge statement!! Let's see how fast this bad boy moves off the market!!

    If interested Please contact the Realtor!!

    @maurice_d_realestate on IG

    Address: 720 w. Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA



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