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    Remix Living x Fox 29 Philly

    Published May 17th, 2022 by Remix Living

    No better way to start of a Monday morning then being in the studios of Fox 29 Philly and re-designing Mike and Alex work space. Spring has sprung and it times to make those updates we all keep putting off. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a Remixed Work space that comfortable and functional to you on a budget. 

    Design Tips:

    1. Choose a color Scheme that feels good to you, something that will keep you motivated and productive. 

    2. Start with organization and intention. Everything on the desk should have a home example: pens inside pen holder/ paper inside desk file organizer. Its also good to use labels to identify what is where incase you forget, but decluttering always helps this process too. 

    3. Plants are the perfect desk accessory. Faux or real brings in a sense of calmness and can help relieve some of the office stress. 

    4. Add some personalization to the space. Family photos, art, tangible memories that are dear to your heart. 

    5. Finally don't forget a little dimension which can be brought in with different textures and patterns.

    You now have a Remixed Work space!! 

    Enjoy xoxo,

    Dominique- Principal Designer   

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