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    Published January 2nd, 2018 by Unknown

    As we end 2017 I am Thankful for the blessings and accomplishments my Design Firm has encountered; good bad or indifferent each sistuation has taught me a different lesson and I am forever grateful for each and every experience. As we begin 2018 a new year with a fresh start, same dreams and new challenges I have decided to Launch "Remix Right Now" The Lifestyle Blog. I have been extremely blessed over the last 3 years; blessed to have people interested in my journey, blessed to stay busy and blessed to work on my terms while doing what I love. Through social media platforms I have been able to share my growth which includes being a women, a full time entrepreneur and mother to a beautiful 9 year old little lady. The interest from my followers and the relationships I have gained has pushed me in the direction to share my point of view through the Remix Lifestyle Blog. This outlet allows me to give everyone who's interested a front row ticket to my real life experiences professionally as well as a sneak peak into my personal life (which I typically try to stay private!!) I have decided to share my journey, have a platform to answer your questions and ultimately walk you through the design industry from the Remix perspective.

    As you become older you try to make sure everything you do has a purpose with a long term goal in mind. I'm so over pointless conversations and information that holds no value. (LOL but no I'm serious) The ultimate goal of the Remix Lifestyle is to give inspiration and hope to the girl thinking about starting a business no matter what that business is, the person questioning how to start and where to begin or that person trying to figure out how to manage being in business, being a full time mom and balancing relationships.

    To stay connected to my following the Blog will give you weekly post of Remix in real life, what I love, hate, current design trends likes, dislikes and all of that good stuff. Our spin off platform through our YouTube channel will give you guys videos of client experiences, sharing behind the scenes of the entire design process, client consultations, sourcing, final installation and daily interaction with the Remix Design team. I look forward to sharing with you guys my take on the industry and my life in the design business. I have thought long and hard about this outlet and if this was the best move for my company; with the overwhelming questions on a daily and the positive feedback I think its time that I share!!! You don't want to miss this stay tuned and make sure you SUBSCRIBE!! www.youtube.com/c/remixliving

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