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    We're Back and up and Running

    Published January 11th, 2019 by Remixadmin

    We're back online and it feels so good!! 2018 was amazing to the Remix Design Firm project after project, keeping busy not missing a beat!! As we transitioned into 2019 we had to make some changes and one of those changes included a new website with a new host provider. In the middle of our busiest season this couldn't have happened at a more unexpected time. Spending hours going back and forth with a company until they got it right, approving content, photo placement and all the above on top of project wraps, the holiday season and working on wrapping up the year we still managed to get it all done. I am very please with the new site sleek in design with a little edge but still straight to the point. If you guys notice errors in grammar please let me know as I looked through the site a million times but of course felt like my eyes were going crossed sided. I appreciate each and every one of you Thank you for your continued support for the Remix Design Firm and stay tuned for what's in store for 2019!! Leave your feedback below!!



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