Design Showroom

Our Design Showroom is officially open for business and we are ready to help you with a one on one personalized shopping experience in furniture, accessories and lighting. Stop by to take a peek into our curated vignettes to inspire your next design project and shop our showroom floor filled with curated accessories and inspiration to set the tone for your next interior project. 

Not finding exactly what you need on the floor? We get it and wish we could bring you all the vendors we have access to in one space however our 1500 sq. ft. showroom can only hold but so much. We have curated the vignettes in our design showroom specifically to our style but we can definitely source for your next interior or exterior project!! 

Feel free to stop by and take a peek at the variety of catalogs on our showroom floor or schedule a design showroom appointment with someone from our team to dig deep in the items you are looking for to help solve your design dilemmas and create an amazing interior space.

Design Showroom Appointment