At Remix we understand hiring an interior designer may be a new experience with most of our clients therefore we have gathered information on some of the most important questions clients may have. 

Do you have an hourly or room rate?

Designers almost always charge their clients by the room or by the hour. As you might expect, room structures are more concrete, since you as the client will know exactly how much the overall project will cost in terms or design fees. Some designers charge up to $200/hour, and as you can imagine, those bills can add up very quickly. The overall price will largely depend on the scope of work being preformed and the timeline of the project. According to standard interior design cost estimator, the average price hire an interior decorator is $3,816 per room with additional cost for furniture and cosmetic materials. 

At Remix we charge our design fees by the square foot of the room. This rate can run as little as $5 and can exceed to $12 depending on the work scope the project requires. This fee is determined during your comprehensive design consultation once the details are gathered in relation to the requirements of the project. Things that are taken into consideration are scope of work, project management, sourcing requirements, amount of furniture needed, project location and design layout.  

When are my fees due?

To become a client of Remix we request a 60% Fee retainer to start the design process. We then collect the materials and decor budget payment after the design concept is presented and the balance in design fees upon project wrap up. All dates will be specified in your project calendar upon your on boarding process based on the timeline confirmed. 

Do you offer designer discount fees?

Remix has established relationships with furniture and accessory vendors to bring saving directly to our Full Design Clients. We have invested equipping and educating ourselves with the latest and hottest product tin the furniture and home accessory industry. We offer saving to our design clients to offer something different thats a bang for their design project. 

How long will the project take?

The length of the project depends on the following variables;

  1. How fast services are secured with the 60% project retainer after the proposal has been presented 
  2. Concept review and approval phase so that final decisions can be made
  3. Materials and Decor Budget payment   
  4. Shipping Timeframe once orders are placed 
  5. Contracting timeline if contracting work is being completed