Furniture Measuring Guide

Furniture Measuring Guide

We understand purchasing furniture is a huge investment and would hate for our delivery team not to be able to get something in your home because of inaccurate measurements. Once you’ve selected your furniture with Remix it’s important to ensure it can fit through all the entryways, elevators and stairways of your home, apartment or commercial space. Follow these steps to ensure an efficient delivery.

1) Prior to delivery, you should determine if your new furniture will fit into your space. Plan your layout, noting the position of windows, doors, light fixtures, heating vents and electrical outlets. Sketch ideas on a seperate piece of paper if necessary.

2) Measure height and width of all the doorways, both inside and out, through which your furniture will need to pass. Don’t forget to note the dimensions of interior hallways and the presence of fixtures, banisters or interior walls that could limit entryway clearance or be obstacles to furniture movement. Take note below the following measurements

  • Door Width-
  • Door Height-

3) Review with the designer the measurements of the furniture you are interested in purchasing with the measurements you captured measuring your space to ensure accurate sizing. 

4) During your design showroom appointment we will compare the residence and furniture dimensions to ensure furniture will fit through all doorways, passageways stairs and hallways.