Our Design Motto

At Remix we offer a variety of flexible design services to achieve your interior goals. From the client looking for Full Design services to the DIY-ers we believe design shouldn't be stuffy, non approachable or intimidating. We understand the value of educating our clients through the process of working with an interior design professional, which is simple and streamlined with our team. Many are uncomfortable with the thought of the unexpected in fees and budgets therefore we do our best to provide our clients with the upfront minimum of their design investment presented in a design proposal after the in person site survey. 

Our Design team believes in adding value in every project we work.  Adding something different that the client has never thought of or better yet seen before in both function and design.  Our overall goal is to make every project stand apart and this means bringing in curated artisans and tradesmen  to bring our ideas to life. We invest in our expertise and are constantly seeking design inspiration by traveling to design shows and furniture markets to stay on top of current and upcoming trends. We also invest in sampling with products and vendors we believe in and have a vast sample library in our design studio. This helps our clients gain trust and confidence in the vendors we work with and stand behind. We embrace our client’s, their excitement to work with our firm and our mission to allow everyone to have access to amazing design.

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Remix A-La-Carte

Our Design A-La-Carte menu allows you to stay in control as the client. You can choose to work with our team on a consulting basis for just a few hours, get help with choosing the perfect finishing materials for your kitchens and baths, or guidance managing your renovation project.

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DIY Package

This service is perfect for the client that needs a point in the right direction without the cost and timeline commitment associated with our Full design service package. If you are the person who is ready for a DIY challenge and ready to get things done on your own with the creative direction from the Remix Living design team then this is the service for you. Great for someone that needs the design plan laid out by the interior designer but is capable of placing all orders, overseeing deliveries, shopping for accessories and completing the final installation on their own.

If you are ready for a DIY challenge and ready to get things done on your own with the creative direction from an interior designer this is the service for you. We lay out the design plan and you shop for the product but clicking the click-able links sent over with your MOOD board. 

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Design Showroom

What is our design showroom? Curated room vignettes to inspire your next design project!! Our showroom helps build the anticipation of working with our team and gives you a boutique shopping experience you have never experienced before. Our showroom includes a sample library with textiles, furniture and accessory catalogs along with wallpaper books that can take your interior design project to the next level. With the option to place orders for furniture from samples on our studio floor, vendor catalogs to cash and carry accessories to enjoy immediately. Schedule your appointment today for a one on one shopping experience to assist in all your furniture needs. 

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Residential Real Estate Staging

Real Estate Staging

Make a memorable first impression by staging your home with Remix. Our Design team offers vacant and occupied staging where we showcase how a potential buyer can utilize the space before purchasing. 

Only 10% of home buyers can picture the potential of a home. Therefore, if you are hoping to sell property that is vacant, you may find that buyers can have a hard time realizing the potential in a home that is empty. They may have difficulty seeing how their own furniture would be configured in that empty space. Buyers may also wonder of the purpose of an empty room. Is it a spare bedroom, or could it be used for an office or den? Our Design team will come up with a game plan to get your empty or occupied property market presentation ready to make buyers fall in love with it when they hit the door.

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Full Service Design

Our Full Design Service package is great for the client who can't find the time, doesn't have the patience or the creative eye needed to successfully design and manage the process of creating an amazing interior space. For all our full service projects, we service any room (or set of rooms) for your residential or commercial project, no matter the size.

To begin our Full Design Process our design team requires a 1 hour on site survey review. During this time, our team will visit your space to conduct a detailed in-person review which consist of surveying the space. As a part of this process we capture measurements, photos and discuss the details of the completed design questionnaire to consider likes/ dislikes and preferences for the interior project. 

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