Our Design Motto

At Remix we offer a variety of flexible design services to achieve your interior vision. From the client looking for Full Design services to the DIY-ers we believe design shouldn't be stuffy, non approachable or intimidating. We understand the value of educating our clients through the process of working with an interior designer, which is simple and streamlined with our design team. We understand people feel very uncomfortable with the thought of the unexpected or not knowing cost therefore we provide our clients with their design and contracting investment for the scope of work before a contract is signed and payment is collected for your interior design services.

Our Design team strongly believes in the value of adding something different to the project the client may have never seen before or thought of themselves, our goal is to make every project stand apart. We invest in our expertise and are constantly seeking design inspiration by traveling to design shows, furniture markets, invest in sampling on product and vendors offered to our clients, this way our clients trust we are confident in the vendors we offer and stand behind. We challenge our creativity, offering a different concept or a way to achieve the final execution with every project that our design teams and its crafted vendor touch.  We embrace our client’s, their excitement to work with our team and our mission to make everyone have access to amazing interior design.

Remix Living's Home Decor Details

Full Service Design

Our Full Design Service package is great for the client who can't find the time, doesn't have the patience or the creative eye needed to successfully design and manage the process of creating an amazing interior space. For all our full service projects, we service any room (or set of rooms) for your residential or commercial project, no matter the size. We believe everyone should have access to amazing design that is functional to their needs and designed well based on what feels comfortable to you. 

To begin our Full Design Process our design team requires a 1 hour on site survey review. During this time, our lead designer visits the space to conduct a detailed in-person site survey which consist of surveying the space in person, capturing measurements, photos and having the client complete a comprehensive design questionnaire to consider likes/ dislikes and preferences for the interior project. After the on site review, our design team will then submit to the client in an email a detailed design proposal outlining Design and Contracting investment, White Glove Delivery and Storage cost, and minimum materials and decor budget required to bring the space to its design potential based on the designer recommendations as well as changes requested by the client. At Remix we hold no punches and think it's best to let our client's know the minimum expectation in the project work scope before committing to a contract and securing services. In a perfect world we would say that the numbers are 100% accurate but the world isn't perfect and interior design isn't neither therefore we ask our clients to always account for  and escrow budget for the unexpected. 

Home Interior Design with Modern Fireplace

Full Design Service Scope


In this meeting, we discuss (in person at the service location) the room or set of rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, your ideas and goals for each space, budgets you may have considered and timeline for project completion. Remix will then capture measurements and detailed photos for our records. Full Design service fees start at a minimum of $5 per sq. ft. and can exceed from there depending on the service requirements of the project. Included in your Full Design Service fees are: Conceptual Design concept, Product sourcing large furniture and smaller accessories, Client communication via email and phone throughout the project timeline, Project Management which include communicating with vendors, overseeing delivery communication to white glove warehouse coordinating deliveries, final on site furniture placement, wall decor installation and final styling. Contracting Fees priced separately. 

Our on site survey consultation starts at $185, within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia* outside of the travel distance please email our design team to confirm your consultation rate before scheduling


30 days to accept or reject proposal terms

After the initial meeting, Remix will forward the client an outlined design proposal with details on the investment required to bring the interior design project to life. This proposal will provide details on the project scope of work and timeline given for the project needs. We ask our potential clients to get back with our design team within 30 days of the proposal being issued with their decision to accept or reject the proposal terms as our schedule fills up quickly. Any design proposal issued over a 45 day time frame require a new Full Design site review as our design team disregards photos and site notes captured. 


Once the client agrees to the terms of the proposal, a 60% retainer is required in design and contracting investment to be placed on the service schedule roster. Once the retainer payment is made and contract has been signed, the client will then be issued a project timeline outlining when all future payments are required, when to expect design presentation, materials and Decor budget collection and contracting timeline based on the wrap up time frame noted in the proposal. 


Give yourself a pat on the back, this is your whoo haaaa moment you've made the investment are ready to be Remixed!! You have made the commitment to make the magic happen and update your interior space!! Once the client excepts the design proposal and services are secured with a cleared payment, our on boarding process begins via Honey Book which you will receive a series of documents to get started.  A few of those documents include: Welcome Letter, Rights to Photography, Delivery Contract and Project Timeline.


All concepts and ideas are communicated through our client presentation portal Design Files, a request is sent to your email so that you can review to approve or reject design concept presented. The design concept will show furniture paired with textiles, lighting, paint colors, wallpapers, hard and soft goods for the client to get an idea of how things will look against one another in the interior space being serviced. Please note- 2 revisions allowed per concept if additional revisions are required client will be billed at an hourly rate of $150/hour for billable time worked. 


Contracting is very important in all of our design projects and have a big part of the project flow. It is critical that each client is aware of their and the period of time their contracting work will take place. 


White Glove delivery charges include warehouse storage up to 60 days, inspection upon arrival of all furniture items to accurately confirm there are no damages to the product,  this also includes delivery with trash removal. If a delivery arrives to the delivery warehouse damaged from the vendor the appropriate action will be taken to contact the vendor with photos of damages to get a replacement issued.

STEP 8: OnSite Styling with FURNITURE and ACCESSORY placement

The day we have been waiting for!!! Contracting work is complete, furniture has been delivered, now its time to bring in the finishing touches to make the space complete. Styling and furniture placement plays a huge part in completing the final design plan and the look the client could of previously only imagined. 


All of our design projects are captured with professional photography. Upon the initial on-boarding process the client will receive our Rights to Photography contract to move forward with photography of the project upon completion. 

Design Showroom Appointment

What is our design showroom? Curated room vignettes to inspire your next design project!! Our showroom helps build the anticipation of working with our design team and give you a boutique shopping experience you have never experienced before. Our showroom includes a sample library with a list of hand pick resources that will take your interior design project to next levels. With the option to shop our curated vignettes or shop schedule a showroom appointment if your looking for more of a one on one service with Principal Designer our showroom is a one stop shop to assist in all your design needs. 

Our Design Showroom appointments are perfect the client not necessarily looking for Full Design services but having trouble souring specific items in their project that required design direction and guidance from our team.

Services options may include

  • Wallpaper
  • Tile
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Area rugs
  • Custom Furniture Pieces
  • Accessories 
  • Window Treatments 

What to expect in a design showroom appointment

  • To secure a design showroom appointment a 1-hour time block of service is required to secure at $150 per hour and billed in 15 min increments after for additional time serviced.
  • During this hour of time our design team will gather the details of your design needs and provide on site design options to help solve your interior design dilemmas.
  • You will leave your showroom appointment with furniture sourced and orders placed depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Additional time billed is due upon appointment wrap up and must be paid in full.

Jump Start Design Program

This service is perfect for the client that needs a point in the right direction without the cost and timeline commitment associated with our Full design services. With two package level options you can decide which package best fits your design needs and the level of assistance you need from our design team. Great for someone that needs a jump-start on color, pattern mix and furniture inspiration for a new interior space or a current space they want to remix. 

How It Works

Living Room Interior

Package Level Descriptions

Gold –starting at $985 per design concept per room Residential/ starting at $1,600 per design concept per area Commercial. Priced confirmed after learning more on the project work scope. 

Schedule Gold Package

  • Phone consultation scheduled with the Remix Design team to explain the details of the service 

  • On Boarding process: Payment collected in Full, design questionnaire issued to capture the needs and details of the design project 

  • Call Scheduled with Lead Designer to discuss data collection from questionnaire and get any questions answered

  • Design Concept presented in a 2D concept via Design Files- 21 business days  

  • Client approves Design Concept (2 revisions allowed) Additional revisions will be billed at $150 per hour 

  • Client then on their own time shops the click-able links sent to order product suggested in concept 

Service Disclaimer: If items suggested are sold out or no longer available it is not the designers responsibility to source a replacement item. If a replacement item is required client will be billed at an hourly rate along with any additional time requested from the designer in this process after concept has been presented. 

Silver - $365 per design concept per room residential / Commercial package price $550 

Schedule Silver Package

  • Phone consultation scheduled with the Remix Design team to explain the details of the service 

  • On Boarding process:  Payment collected in Full, design questionnaire issued to capture the needs and details of your design project 

  • Design Concept presented via Design Files- which shows design concept for the space based on clients desired design style- 14 business days  

  • The client then recreates the concept on their own time, buy using the 2D guide as a reference while designing the space  (No Direct product links provided) 

Design Inclusions

Interior Design Elements

Initial Consultation 

 Client will receive Comprehensive Design Questionnaire to learn more about the project work scope (Gold and Silver Package)

2D Creative Vision Concept Board sent via Design Files 

 Direct resources of where to shop will be provided (Jump Start Gold) 

Follow up Call 

A link will be sent to schedule a follow up call with direction of what goes where (Gold Package only)

Description on items chosen will be placed in the design concept description (Jump Start Silver)


E-Design by Remix is an affordable design service for those who want to work with the Remix Design Firm but are not within local traveling distance for our in person design assistance. Whether revamping an existing interior or starting with a fresh palette, Remix can assist you in creating an amazing interior space you could of only imagined virtually. Through email, phone, and video communication, we will work together to create custom one of a kind design tailored to your aesthetic with a touch of the Remix design style.

Dominique Calhoun working in her the Remix Living office


With our E Design package you receive a lot of the same benefits of our Full Design service in terms of project communication and concept. Our design team does the legwork and research to create a one-of-a-kind design, you simply need to wait for the items to be delivered to your home or business and execute once received according to your rendered floor plan. Once our design plan is complete, all you need to do is place the furniture according to the plan relax and enjoy!! 

We provide the creative direction, get the furniture shipped directly to your home  or local delivery agent and you take things from there; With the 1 view rendering included in this package you get a turn key visual of what goes where, this way there's no confusion  or stress because the designer is not there to guide you. We understand that some clients still need that concierge design option therefore for an additional up-charge, we also offer an onsite styling option which our lead designer will visit the space to provide design assistance in person at the service location. The client also have the option to purchase an accessory box where we will ship your styling accessories   directly to you to help complete the final look!

The Process is simple!! Once we correspond via email and phone, you send pictures and detailed dimensions of the room or rooms you that are being serviced. No cleaning or making sure every space is ‘perfect’ before the design consultation, no need to be home at a certain time for our in person meeting! 

How it works? First, click here to submit the service details and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

What does the turn around process look like? Turn-around typically takes 6-8 weeks for a complete design plan. Why so long? Great design doesn't happen overnight, and we  take our time to get to know you along with create a room specific to your personality and design request. During this process it is imperative that you pay close attention to your email so no design communication is delayed. Our goal is for every room or set of room to come together organically with the clients design style in mind instead of wham-bam-thank you mam done option!! We would love to get started on your project and provide you with the Remix experience!! 

What You Get

Included in our Full Service E- Design package is the following (stating at $2,100 per room residential only) Commercial Clients please email with your service inquiry to obtain details on pricing. 

  • Initial Consultation Via phone with a member of our design team to discuss project specifics, on boarding and service expectations. 
  • On boarding process begins: Client receives invoice request from our design team to retain design services once paid the project questionnaire is issued 
  • Skype Call scheduled with Lead Designer to go over the requirements to measure out a room accurate measurements result in the proper furniture being ordered this part is extremely important!! 
  • Space measurements then sent to the designer from the client via email 
  • Design concept  presented via  DesignFiles for client to review materials recommended by the designer for the space. 2 concept edits allowed  (Additional concepts require hourly billing at $105 per hour) 
  • Once concept materials approved client then received 3D rendered view for placement (1 change allowed in rendering layout)
  • Once rendering layout confirmed (Materials and Decor payment collected so ordering can begin) 
  • Orders placed and shipped directly to the clients front door or local receiving warehouse  (additional fee required for warehouse white glove delivery)

Residential Real Estate Staging

Real Estate Staging

Make a memorable first impression by staging your home with Remix. Our Design team offers vacant and occupied staging where we showcase how a potential buyer can utilize the space before purchasing. 

Only 10% of home buyers can picture the potential of a home. Therefore, if you are hoping to sell property that is vacant, you may find that buyers can have a hard time realizing the potential in a home that is empty. They may have difficulty seeing how their own furniture would be configured in that empty space. Buyers may also wonder of the purpose of an empty room. Is it a spare bedroom, or could it be used for an office or den? Our Design team will come up with a game plan to get your empty or occupied property market presentation ready to make buyers fall in love with it when they hit the door.

Staging a Home for Sale

Our Pricing Structure for Real Estate Staging is simple 

All Residential Staging require a 60 day contract signing and include main bathroom and kitchen accessories for FREE!! Please review the staging fees listed below.

Your room <2500 Sq.ft. @ $499 Per room staged per month
Your room <3000 Sq. ft. @ $549 Per room staged per month
Your room <3500 Sq.ft. @ $649 Per room staged per month
Over 4000 Sq. ft. Staging Walk through and custom quote required before Fee quoted

Fees include: Furniture rentals/ Staging/ moving crew for initial stage and de stage/ 60 day rental contract/ professional MLS photography  

Book our staging walkthrough and let us know how many rooms you would like staged, property location and your start date, we will take care of the rest.