Our Full Design Service package is great for the client who can't find the time, doesn't have the patience or the creative eye to successfully design and manage an interior project from start to finish.

To begin our Full Design Process our design team requires a 1 hour in person site survey with our Principal Designer. During this time, our team will visit your space to capture measurements, photos and discuss the details of the completed design questionnaire.

After the in person evaluation, our design team will submit a design proposal outlining Interior Design Service Fees /White Glove Delivery with Storage fees for all furniture outlined in proposal and Contracting fees if our team recommends cosmetic or contracting updates. We also provide the minimum materials and decor budget required to bring the space to its design potential based on the clients request and designers professional recommendations. 

 At Remix we hold no punches and think it's best to let our client's know the minimum expectation in the project work scope before committing to a contract and having the client retain our services. In a perfect world we would say that the numbers are 100% accurate but the world isn't perfect and neither is interior design therefore we ask our clients to always set aside an escrow budget for the unexpected. Unexpected in delivery and storage fees, unexpected in project materials, and project additions as well as the unexpected in latent defects which may occur in the contracting phase of the project. 

Full Design Service Scope


In this meeting, we discuss (in person at the service location) the room or set of rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, your ideas, goals for each space, budgets you may have considered and timeline for project completion. Remix will then capture measurements and detailed photos for our records. Residential Full Design service fees for basic styling  start at a minimum of $7 per sq. ft. Commercial starts at $10 per sq. ft. and exceed from there depending on the work scope required, project time lines needed and the amount of materials that need to be sourced.  

Unsure on how to determine the square footage of your space to get an idea on what you should expect in terms of project FEES? Calculating the square footage is simple: measure the Length of the room the Height of the room= this total is your Square Footage. 

 Included in your Full Design Service fees are: Conceptual Design concept, Product sourcing:( large furniture and small accessories), Client communication via email and phone throughout the project timeline, Project collaboration which include communicating with tradesmen on design ideas and furniture vendors, overseeing delivery communication to white glove receiver coordinating deliveries, final on site furniture placement, wall decor installation and final styling. 

If you are outside of 30 miles from our Design Studio 4500 Worth st. additional $5/ mile. If you have questions on the charge email our team at:  Jr.Designe@rRemixliving.com  


Due to our demanding schedule we allow 30 days to accept or reject proposal terms after the proposal has been issued. If your approval period is beyond this timeframe another in person site survey is required at an additional charge. After a 30 day period our team disregards images and notes captured. 

14 business days after the initial meeting, Remix will forward the client a design proposal with details on the investment required to bring the interior design project to life. Why does the proposal take so long?? So our team can accurately research the materials needed to make the design come to life which provides the client an accurate idea on minimum cost.  This proposal will provide details on the project work scope and timeline needed. 


Once the client agrees to the terms of the proposal, a 60% retainer is required in design and contracting investment to be placed on the service schedule roster. Once the retainer payment is made and contract has been signed, the client will then be issued a project timeline outlining when all future payments are required, when to expect design presentation, materials and Decor budget collection and contracting timeline based on the wrap up time frame noted in the proposal. 


Give yourself a pat on the back, this is your WHOOOO HAAAAA  moment you've made the investment and your ready to be Remixed!! You have made the commitment to make the magic happen and update your interior space!! Once the client excepts the design proposal, Contract agreement has been signed by all parties and payments have cleared our on boarding process begins which you will receive a series of documents to get started. 


All concepts and ideas are sent to the clients email from Design Files. The design concept will show furniture paired with textiles, lighting, paint colors, wallpapers, hard and soft goods for the client to get an idea of how things will look against one another in a 2D Mood Board. Please note- 2 revisions allowed per concept if additional revisions are needed client will be billed at an hourly rate of $275/hour for billable time worked. 


Contracting is very important in all of our design projects and have a big part of the project flow. It is critical that each client is aware of their and the period of time their contracting work will take place. If changes occur in the contracting schedule schedule change will be communicated from designer and contractor and written sign-off will be required from all parties. 


White Glove delivery charges include warehouse storage up to 90 days, inspection upon arrival of all furniture items to accurately confirm there are no damages to the product,  this also includes delivery with trash removal. If a delivery arrives to the delivery warehouse damaged from the vendor the appropriate action will be taken to contact the vendor with photos of damages to get a replacement issued.

STEP 8: OnSite Styling with FURNITURE and ACCESSORY placement

The day we have been waiting for!!! Contracting work is complete, furniture has been delivered, now its time to bring in the finishing touches to make the space complete. Styling and furniture placement plays a huge part in completing the final design plan and the look the client could of previously only imagined. 


All of our design projects are captured with professional photography to be displayed on our companies website and any marketing materials used by our firm.