Our Design A-La-Carte menu allows you to stay in control as the client. You can choose to work with our team on a consulting basis for just a few hours, get help with choosing the perfect finishing materials for your kitchens and baths, or guidance managing your renovation project.

Buy a Bulk of Consult Hours

Need a designer on call? Are you capable of figuring out how to solve minor design dilemmas on your own but still need the option to reach out to a  design professional to get the final approval? Need the Remix design team to help you along the process or maybe suggest an even better recommendation to what you might already have?  Our designer on call option is the perfect service for you. Purchase a bulk of design hours and our team will help guide you along the way. Whether its a question about choosing the perfect paint pallet for a room,  sourcing that perfect area rug, or facilitating the process of design collaboration based on our industry knowledge our bulk of consult hours can be used in various ways. 

To book this service a 4 hour minimum initial booking fee is required a $600 value. Time worked is then billed against hours purchased. If additional hours are needed client will be billed according at an hourly rate of $150 per hour. Client will receive a detailed service report showing time worked against hours purchased to coincide with any retainers paid and any balances due.


Materials & Finishes Selection

Kitchens and Bathrooms are the most important selling features in a home. We understand some people can't have a designer walk them through the entire process in a project however we can help source the finishes to make the process simple and offer something different in your space. This ultimately helps increase the value in your home and also helps it to stand apart. 

Review the Service options in Kitchen and Bath selections.



  • Cabinetry Selection
  • Flooring Selection
  • Countertop Selection (slab yard meeting included)
  • Lighting, fixtures & Hardware Selection
  • Backsplash Selection
  • Color Palette
  • Up to 15 hours of Design Time Total
  • Detailed Spec Sheet including mood board with shop links
  • Design Presentation meeting scheduled in the design showroom
  • 2 site visits:1 midway  and 1 final to confirm materials are installed according to plan 


  • Flooring Selection
  • Vanity
  • Tile
  • Vanity/ Ceiling Lighting
  • Shower and bath finishes 
  • Color Palette
  • Up to 15 Hours of Design Time Total
  • Design Presentation Meeting Scheduled in the Design Showroom
  • Detailed Spec Sheet with mood board including shop links
  • 2 site visits:1 midway  and 1 final to confirm materials are installed according to plan 

Flat Fee - $1,800 per area designed (50% collected at the time of purchase balance due at the design presentation meeting)

Project Oversight

We understand that overseeing a renovation project or any changes in the home can be very overwhelming. Not being able to verify and confirm finishes are being implemented according to plans and coming into a disaster due to a contractor just not paying attention or leaving out a detail can be dreadful. We have heard about these experiences weigh to often so have decided to implement our Project Oversight  service option.

  • Purchase in Increments of 5 Hours
  • Includes Site Visits
  • Verify Materials & Layouts
  • Weekly Reports to Include Site Conditions & Findings 

Starts at $750 for a 5 hour time block.


What to Expect from a Paint Consultation:

Paint Consultation $350

2 hour in-person Color Consultation to find the perfect palette with your existing furnishings and decor or our team will come up with a new plan to refresh and update your space.

Once we've determined a color palette for the space, our design team will craft a detailed report listing the paint color, manufacture, and finish for each of the rooms covered during your consultation time. With this you will always have the information handy to use as a reference guide. 

Additional time needed during your paint consultation will be billed at an hourly rate of $150 per hour and must be settled before detailed report is sent. 

Once service retained client will receive a design questionnaire to gather information on your paint expectations.