Client Testimonials

  • Remix gave us great recommendations for interior paint colors and provided design services for our living and dining rooms. She made various trips to our home and kept in close contact with us throughout the project. She took the time to understand what we wanted and the outcome was an interior design with accessories that really complimented our style and taste.

    The paint colors she chose for our dining room really brightened the room and although they complimented our taste, they were something we would have never thought of using. The accessories and decorations were both settle and bold and provide a unique flair that makes me enjoy being home all over again. I look forward to working with Remix on our future projects and I would recommend Remix Living to anyone looking to add a little spice to their home decor as she provided a skill set that I feel is unmatched

  • Dominique did an amazing job on our home. My husband and I have been so busy that we never had time to decorate. So, finally, we decided to hire a decorator. I had a vision and she properly executed it and some. She definitely went above and beyond to help make our home perfect. She's very professional, punctual, and most importantly, affordable. I would definitely recommend her services, and will use her again when we purchase our next home

  • I could not be happier about hiring REMIX for my home! I needed an update for my living room and dining room. Now I have a great space for entertaining family and friends! I'll defiantly be using REMIX for future projects.